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Laxative wiki

Laxative wiki

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Edit There are several types of laxatives, listed below. Some laxatives combine more than one type of active ingredient to produce a combination wiku the effects mentioned. Laxatives may be oral or in suppository form. Constipation with no known organic cause, i.


It is also a contact laxative ; it increases fluid and salt secretion.

Most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, while the large bowel absorbs primarily water. Oral administration laxatlve known to produce no action for more than eight hours and then to work suddenly and relatively quickly.

Normal bowel function consists of the absorption of nutrients, electrolytes and water from the gut. Stimulant laxatives act on the intestinal mucosaor nerve plexus; they also alter water and electrolyte diki.

This can result in reinforcing further laxative abuse when a patient feels bloated and has gained weight. An example is mineral oilwhich also retards colonic absorption of water, softening the stool.

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The action of bisacodyl on the small intestine is negligible; stimulant laxatives mainly promote evacuation of the colon. A few hours after the initial evacuation, there can be a secondary action which will continue as long as there is unexpelled bisacodyl present in the rectum. This pattern may be promulgated on certain beliefs that daily bowel movements are Lonely wants casual sex Chichester for good health.

Bulk-producing agents have the gentlest of effects among laxatives and can be taken just for maintaining regular bowel movements. They should be taken with plenty of water.

Laxative drink machine

Examples: psyllium husk Metamucilmethylcellulose Citrucelpolycarbophil, apples. The fourth group contains surreptitious laxative abusers who use the drugs to cause factitious diarrhoea and may have a factitious disorder. Bulk-producing agents Site of Action: Laaxative and large intestine Onset of Action: 12 - 72 hours Also known as bulk-forming or bulking agents, these include dietary fiber.

The most frequently abused group of laxatives are of the stimulant class. There are two principal types, saline and hyperosmotic.

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The first step in treating laxative misuse once it is identified is to determine what may be promoting the behaviour, such as an eating disorder or use based on misinformation regarding what constitutes a healthy bowel habit. Bulk-producing agents cause the stool to be bulkier and to retain more water, as well as forming an emollient gel, making it easier for peristaltic action Swinger Personals in California. move it along.

According to trials, Polyethylene glycol was found to be more effective than lactulose. Thus, studies of laxative abuse have found that effects on body weight reflect primarily laxahive losses of body water rather than energy calorie loss.

Laxative drink machine

Constipation with no known organic cause, i. Publication types.

Stimulant Laxative Pills Forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon, causing the muscles of the intestinal wall to contract, which helps move stools through. Laxative abuse: epidemiology, diagnosis and management Drugs. Lactulose works by the osmotic effect, which retains water in the colon, lowering the pH and increasing colonic peristalsis.

This may be Housewives looking nsa Angelica to the quick action of stimulants, particularly in individuals with eating disorders as they may erroneously believe that they can avoid the absorption of calories via the resulting diarrhoea. They are the most severe among laxatives and should lazative used only in extreme conditions.

Mineral oil may decrease the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Stool softeners include docusate Colace, Diocto.

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Examples: Milk of MagnesiaEpsom salt. Sulfate salts are considered the most wikki. The third group includes individuals engaged in certain types of athletic training, including sports with set weight limits. Edit There are several types of laxatives, listed below.

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Although patients with laxatvie disorders such as anorexia nervosa and Fuck buddy Leesburg nervosa frequently abuse laxatives in an attempt to lose weight, laxatives act to speed up the transit of feces through the large intestine, which occurs subsequent to the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

Some laxatives combine more than one type of active ingredient to produce a combination of the effects mentioned.

Examples: Dibasic sodium phosphatemagnesium citratemagnesium hydroxide Milk of wikkmagnesium sulfatemonobasic sodium phosphate, sodium biphosphate. Glycerin suppositories work mostly by hyperosmotic action, but also the sodium stearate in the preparation causes local irritation to the colon.

Treatment begins with a high level of suspicion, particularly when a patient presents with alternating diarrhoea and constipation as well as other gastrointestinal complaints. MiraLAX is different from stimulant laxatives.


They will also cause the release of cholecystokininwhich stimulates the digestion of fat and protein. Stimulant laxative pills make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon.

Education and further treatment may be required to maintain a healthy bowel programme.

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