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If you have been fantasizing about a dazzling pornographic star who could be the woman of your sexually active sessions then definitely Kendra Sunderland is the woman of choice. Kendra Sunderland is an amazing adult film industry star who has been able to create a mark by performing exclusively in a number of films and video clips. Born in 1995 in the region of Salem Oregon she is actually American by nationality and her career got a jump start after a video of Kendra went viral in which year was masturbating in public. Kendra Sunderland is also known as the library girl and her birth date is June 16 1995. She was born and brought up in Salem and she has completed her graduation from West Salem High School in the month of June 2013.

Kendra Sunderland early career

Primarily, Kendra Sunderland wanted to become a counsellor and she also attended a few classes in human development but later on, she lost her interest and dropped out of the college. She felt that she needed to do something else and make a mark in life. But then she switched off to the business and the economic segment. She wanted to become an accountant but that too turned out to be a temporary agenda. When she was going through her semester in fall, she spent her time in doing a couple of odd jobs and also applied for a number of waitressing jobs but she faced a lot of rejection on her way.

Right after that time, she was attracted towards a website known as MyFreeCams as she knew that it will pay her for being a real sexual tease and that is why she registered herself into the same. Kendra Sunderland started stripping over there where the users would look at her and pay her for real. Her first show was done in the month of October 2014, and her ID was named Babyyygirl420 – there she could earn about $150 for every hour of work. Thereafter she became very regular in her work on the same website whenever her roommates were not around. Among all these scenes, she realized that people would give her a lot more attention if she did the striptease in a public place instead of private spots. Therefore, Kendra Sunderland did her first public live show in the university library, in which she made herself completely nude and masturbated when the classmates were walking by in the background. In that single love show, she was about to earn about $700 within a span of two hours which was indeed a huge amount for her at that point in time. Then it became her regular regime to go live and do all sorts of live strip shows.

Kendra Sunderland obstacles

In the month of January 2015, this public striptease video was released in Pornhub anonymously and that is why she was marked by the University and she became well known and recognised. But the problem was that the local police sent out an arrest warrant and that is why she was arrested as per the act of public indecency. But after her arrest, Kendra Sunderland actually got the fame that she has been looking for and more and more people actually started recognizing her. In the following few days, the video was actually viewed three times and she got paid a lot. Once she got hold of her newfound reputation, she started doing more and more webcam shows and took it up as her profession.

Launching her own website

She did the job of launching her own website for dating in the name of in order to find the perfect match for inhibitionless college girls who would do anything for the sake of money and this way many people could get access to a lot of benefits as well. Also, she created a website known as the, so that there can be a website which will focus only on her shows.

She is a multifaceted person with a lot of interests because she signed a contract with the company known as Pipedream Products who have their own brand of sex toys. In that segment she got her private parts moulded for the sex toys and this specific collection was released in the name of ‘Kendra Sunderland Collection with an assorted number of sex dolls and toys.

She says that it has been a lifelong dream for her in order to pose for Playboy and on February 18, she could finally do it. Later on, she also got her photoshoot released in the Penthouse and it was released all through the four main pages in the magazine. Her first interview was done in the Naked News by Elia Adams, and it was released in the episode which was published in the date on February 24. The most impressive factor about the fact is that both the interviewer as well as Kendra Sunderland were naked during the entire show. Right now, she has been featured in the videos of the Award-winning Greg Lanksky.

The best part about her body is that she loves to be naked and is quite comfortable in the same. She has done a number of photo shoots and posts a number of posts on Twitter. She has amazing natural large breasts but she has done piercing on both the nipples. She has quite perky boobs and she figure is sleek and attractive- which is worth all the attention she gets. Her breast size is 32G, and she has a pierced belly button as well. She has a tattoed torso, which makes her attraction quotient top notch.

Kendra Sunderland Rewards and recognition.

In the year 2014, she was known as the ‘library girl’ and the 30-minute masturbation scene helped her fame gaining agenda. In the month of May 2015, she became the Penthouse Pet of the Month. She started playing her films in the age of 20, and one of her very first shoots was in the FTV girls named Kendra College Freshman and she got the award of the AVN Award 2017 for the best Girl Scene. She was also entitled to a lot of awards for the position of the Natural Beauties, Young and Beautiful as well as Interracial Icon.

In the year 2018, in the Pornhub Awards, Kendra Sunderland has been entitled to the award- which was given to her by Kayne West. In the month of January 2018, she officially declared that she was actually getting back from all the hardcore scenes and now she will only be indulging in the mainstream films only.

In 2017, she has been entitled to the 2017 AVN Awards as per the Best girl/Boy scene which was featured with Mick Blue.
In 2018., she got the AVN Awards in the best Three-way sex scene
Also in 2018, she got the Spankbang Awards in the position of Boobalicious Babe of the Year, and also the Pornhub Awards in the position of Nicest Tits.

In the section of filmography, in the year 2016, she was filmed in the Natural Beauties Volume 1, and Young and Beautiful Volume 5. In the year 2015, she participated in the Interracial Icon Volume 5. In 2017, she filmed in a number of videos namely- Kendra’s Obsession, Young and Beautiful Volume 5, Interracial Icon Volume 6, Racks Volume 2, etc. In the year 2018, she participated in the video Interracial Icon Volume 9 as well as Black and White film series Volume 14.

Now let us have some of the questions answered from the famous Kendra Sunderland so that you can get hold of the answers that you all have been craving for.

  • What about doing a porn scene? How did she feel about it?
    Kendra Sunderland says that she really didn’t think of doing a pornographic scene anytime soon after getting the live streaming done. She says that she has been doing a lot of sides of the adult film industry but then she met someone who actually changed her perspective. It actually turned her on and she decided to do a scene at least for once. And that turned out to be Greg Lansky! I was beyond excited.
  • How did the first scene turn out to be?
    The first girl/boy scene turned out to be pretty great in which she was featured to be in with Mick Blue. She says that she was quite nervous at first, but also he made her feel super comfortable and that is why it was a really good experience for her.
  • How was being in porn different than live streaming?
    It is definitely different being in porn because streaming is something that she does all by herself. It is important to be on camera during sexual intimacy – and it can be a great thing to do- once the weirdness is gone.
  • How does it feel to be flexible in bed?
    If you are not a regular one in the activities then it can be a hard thing to do- as she says. This is because the first time she did that, even with practice she felt very sore and needed to relax after the scene. It’s definitely a lot of hard work and it is definitely not as easy as it looks like.
  • Would she do an anal scene in the upcoming future?
    Kendra Sunderland says that she will definitely think about the same and if anyone can turn her on enough, then she might do it as well! She feels that it can be an uncomfortable thing to do which is why she wants to take a decision regarding the same. But of course she would like to be in the girl on girl scene and she would indeed be excited for the same.
  • We wanted to know about her sexual activity
    At this, Kendra says that she has had a pleasurable experience whenever she has been sexually active and intimate and with her boyfriend, it is like they cannot get their hands away from each other. Kendra confesses about the fact that whenever she is in bed with her boyfriend, she is really bold and they do all sorts of adventurous things together. Also, she is a lot into swinging which keeps the spice in their relationship.
  • Does she indulge in camming till date?
    Even though she now has a lot lesser time, yet she says that she always does cam whenever she gets the time. She also has been doing a lot of philanthropy because she is raising the money and donating it for the cause of charity.
  • What does she feel about getting a full sized doll of her made?
    She feels that it is a great initiative to create a doll of her moulding because she wants to be the woman of dreams of a lot of men out there. Ans she feels there is nothing wrong if men are actually getting sexual satisfaction out of her doll.
  • Do strippers get the credit that they deserve?
    Kendra Sunderland still feels that it is a long way off when strippers will actually get the kind of treatment that they deserve and it is only that they need to do live cams and public shows to be in the culminating point of fame- just like she did. It is never an easy job to be a stripper and hard work with lady luck is what you need in sync.

Kendra Sunderland is one of the most stunning porn actresses who love to get turned on by dirty talk and loves to give blowjobs. She had the guts to do something different than the other cam strippers and even when it was ruled under public indecency she stuck to the goals that she had and came to fame. She is the perfect woman to fantasize about when it comes to giving sexual satisfaction and teasing other individuals on cam.